Stump Grinding

Extreme Tree uses state of the art equipment to remove stumps by grinding them below the surface. Grinding allows the area to be seeded if desired and also prevents sprouts and decay from surfacing.

The cost is generally based on the diameter of the stump, however, many other factors are considered to determine our quote. The actual diameter above the surface is not as important as the diameter of the excavation required to blend the area into the surrounding terrain. Also, the type of tree, soil, and the presence of rocks all contribute to wear on the grinding teeth.

Proper Precautions

We contact Dig Safe on your behalf before doing any work near utilities. Our staff attends training that teaches the proper precautions contractors and homeowners must take whenever digging. This insures that underground utilities are not damaged.  Using remote control grinders can prevent injury because the operator is not in contact with the machine in the event gas or electric is accidentally contacted.

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Clean Up

Typically, stump grinding services only include the grinding and the wood chip/soil mix is left near the stump. Depending on the size of the job there is sometimes quite a large amount of this debris. When desired, we can also offer a quote for the removal of all debris as well as the delivery of topsoil and grass seed.

Measuring a Stump for Removal

Stump Measurement

When measuring a stump to get pricing, make sure to measure the stump from the rise above ground level across the widest point.

Most phone quotes or standard pricing is based on the correct measurements. We prefer to look at a stump before quoting but sometimes we can get a good idea with some quick photos by text message or e-mail.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.