We keep the wood from the tree work we do and recycle it into firewood. We save only the best hardwoods like Oak, Maple, Cherry, Beech, Ash, and Locust. Then it is cut and split for seasoning. To insure it has dried properly, we use a moisture meter. We do not always have firewood available because we will not sell wood that has not seasoned properly.

We stack the wood onto pallets to keep it off the ground for at least a year to dry. Wood is available for pick-up in Ionia, NY but if you prefer, we can deliver and stack at your home for an additional cost.

On-Site Cutting

If you hire us to remove trees from your property and decide to keep the wood for your fireplace or wood stove, we can cut the best pieces to 16"-18" for you and we also offer free use of our log splitter to handle the larger logs.  Keeping the wood can help save money and also provide you with a free heat source in the winter.

If you would like to learn more about firewood as a heat source, check out