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Be sure to check out our sister company "Village Motors of Bloomfield" Both companies are family owned and operated and strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Our philosophy for both companies is based on the belief that true success can only be achieved if your actions are fair to everyone.


Village Motors of Bloomfield
49 Main Street
Bloomfield, NY 14469


Village Motors


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About Us

Extreme Tree and Landscape is a family run and owned New York Corporation founded in 2012. We have offices and crews in Bloomfield, NY and more recently, Palm Harbor, FL. Before this date, Extreme Tree was operated as a sole proprietor that was exclusively focused on disaster response across the Eastern US. Our background comes from the removal of damaged and dangerous trees and debris that resulted from natural disasters. We have responded to hurricanes, snow storms, tornadoes, and ice storms. Sometimes we were hired by the towns and cities effected and other times we were there to volunteer. This type of work is very rewarding despite the compensation due to the nature of people that have been struck with these devastating emergencies. We have expanded to provide tree service and landscape services in our home town of Rochester, NY. We want you to feel confident in us and welcome your questions. The advice and quotes are always free.

Chuck AndolinoCharles Andolino, Pres.

Insurance Coverage

One of the most important issues to consider when having any work performed is that the contractor has current insurance coverage. This includes three separate coverages that should be in place. The first is a Workers Compensation Policy. This coverage is required to cover the employees in the event of an injury on your property. The second is Disability Insurance that covers the employees for longer periods of unemployment that result from an injury. The third is a liability policy that covers damages that are a result of the contractors actions on your property. Ours is Selective Ins. Co. of America S2205434. It is essential that contractors carry and demonstrate that the proper coverage is in place while any work is performed. Insurance companies will provide documentation to show the types of coverage. You may also verify a contractors Workers Compensation coverage on the state website. Go to http://www.wcb.ny.gov/icpocinq/icpocsearch.jsp to search the database. Be sure you know the correct information before concluding the company does not have coverage. For example, Extreme Tree and Landscape is found by searching its Corporate name "Blue Peter Inc" and shows our Workers Compensation Employer #2722088 and the current WC and disability insurance policies.